Hawaii Towncars is Oahu’s premier chauffeured limousine transportation service. Established in 2019, our professional staff has years of experience in the industry. Jason K., founder of Hawaii Towncars, started Hawaii Towncars to provide customers with the luxury experience they deserve while visiting Honolulu. 

A key factor that differentiates us from the rest is our private Oahu tours carried by our most sophisticated fleets and executive staff. 

Whether you’re looking to experience the picturesque sceneries Oahu has to offer or if you’re looking to immerse in the cultural richness of the island, we can guarantee a superior touring experience in every step of the way. 

So sit back, relax and encounter the beauty of Hawaii like no other.

Private Oahu Limo Tours

Private Oahu Limo Tours

Best Of Oahu Sightseeing

Oahu is one of the most sought tourist destinations in the world, so it’s not a surprise that it has a lot of landmarks and mandatory spots to visit. You can savor the breathtaking view of the Oahu landscape by hiking at Diamond Head, or if you’re looking to learn more about the culture and heritage of Hawai’i the Polynesian Cultural Center offers a selection of shows as well as the famous Evening Luau. Visitors can also explore Waikiki, a lively neighborhood with various shopping areas and fabulous dining options. And of course, there is the Pearl Harbor Historical Site with World War II museums as well as the USS Arizona Memorial.

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Oahu Circle Island Tour

Oahu Circle Island Tour

Private Oahu Circle Island tours are the quintessential trip for all visitors looking to get a holistic experience of “The Gathering Place”. The Circle Island tours commonly include all of the must-visit tourist attractions such as Diamond Head, Hanauma Bay, Dole Plantation, North Shore, Hawai’i Temple, and many more. The tour will last usually a day (approximately 9 hours), departing in the morning and returning to guests’ hotel stays at night time.

Historical Pearl Harbor Tour

Historical Pearl Harbor Tour

When visiting Hawaii, it’s almost impossible to skip Historical Pearl Harbor Tours. Mainly taking place around the Pearl Harbor Historic Site Visitor Center, the tour will guide guests through the USS Arizona Memorial as well as the World War II museum and exhibits. After that, guests will be taken to the historic Downtown Honolulu neighborhood, the Kawaiahao Church which used to be a chapel for Hawaii’s royal family, and the Great Statue of Hawaii’s first monarch ruler King Kamehameha.

North Shore (Haleiwa) Tour

North Shore (Haleiwa) Tour

Haleiwa is well-known as the heart of the North Shore neighborhood in Oahu. Find some time to unwind in your vacation by going on a laid-back adventure with North Shore tours! Guests will be taken to Haleiwa Alii beach, a popular destination to both locals and visitors alike for picnics, friendly volleyball, and surfing spots located offshore when you can also take lessons! Another favorite destination guests will go to is Laniakea beach, or better known as Turtle beach. Play with the giant green sea turtles that call the beach their home and bathe in the gorgeous sea view.

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Oahu Landmarks & Monument Tour

For guests who are more interested in learning more about the history and culture of Hawaii, taking the Oahu Landmarks & Monuments tour might be a right fit. Hawaii has much more than just the beach and the sun -- with this tour, guests will be able to visit Diamond Head State Park & Monument, one of the most prominent landmarks with breathtaking views in all of Oahu. Coming down from Diamond Head, guests will then get to explore Pearl Harbor’s Visitor Center and take a look at the USS Arizona Memorial. Guests will also be able to visit the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum, which specializes in history and science exhibits in the Kalihi district in Honolulu as well as the Governor of Hawaii’s official residence, the Washington Place.

Oahu Food Tours

Discover all the delectable cuisines Hawaii has to offer with the various food tours available! From Hawaiian Shaved Ice to Loco Mocos, there is a food tour for every tongue. Guests will also have a chance to visit some of Oahu’s most renowned places to eat, such as the Liliha Bakery to try their famous chantilly cake or to Romy’s Kahuku Prawns & Shrimp for their succulent seafood platters. Trips to the Dole Plantation for a chance to eat everything pineapple are also available in most food tours. Don’t have enough time to go around the island? Some tours are divided based on the specific area chosen for a briefer tour -- for example, we have food tours exclusively exploring Chinatown in Honolulu.

Oahu Private Tours Versus Shared Group Tours -
The Pros & Cons Of Private vs. Group Tours

When planning for a vacation, a lot of people would consider going on local tours. Commonly, there are two types of tours — shared group tours or private group tours. Private tours are when the trip’s schedule is specifically customized to each guest and you will not be joined by other people — it’s the perfect exclusive getaway. On the other hand, should you join a group tour you are going to go on the trip alongside other travelers and follow a set schedule. Below is a list of pros and cons that come with both group and private tours.

Group Tours 

    • Networking

      Joining group tours are a great way to find new friends. If you don’t feel comfortable doing a tour with a small group, joining a bigger pool can make your trip more exciting. As a group visiting The Big Island together, there will always be things to talk about with your tour mates! 

    • Access To Attractions

      A lot of tour companies have established partnerships with various attractions and facilities in the area. Thus, going on a group tour most likely means that you will have exclusive access to most of the renowned destinations Hawaii has to offer.  

    • Lower Costs

      Compared to private tours, group tours are more often than not less costly. Not only that you’re sharing the costs with the rest of the tour-goers, a lot of tour companies provide special discounts or deals that are only available to group tours. 

    • Strict Schedule

      Group tours commonly follow a pre-planned schedule, and there’s not much way around it. Tour goers will have to follow the schedule and make sure to not get left behind. Changes are usually not allowed to be made. 

    • Ride-sharing

      With group tours, you will have to share rides and sometimes even accomodation with other parties. This may cause discomfort as well as lack of punctuality as the group has to leave and arrive at the same time. This might not be the most comfortable option to some people. 

Private Tours

    • Privacy
      Going on a private group tour means that you will have your privacy at all times. This means not having to accommodate strangers at any point in your stay,and you can enjoy your vacation with the ones you know and love. 
    • Flexible Schedule
      By going on a private tour, the local guide will create a schedule that will fit your vision and cater to your every needs every step of the way. You can go wherever you want, whenever you want without following someone else’s agenda. This brings about a peace of mind when travelling to a new place. 
    • Higher Costs
      As wonderful as a private tour sounds, unfortunately they are usually much pricier than regular group tours. This is because the private group will be responsible for all the costs, and there may be some extra charges that may incur with the customization of the tour. 

Hawaii Towncars offers Oahu’s finest and diversified tours around Oahu with dazzling reviews from our beloved customers. With us, expect the most exceptional hospitality, the latest fleet and the most comprehensive touring experience. To find out more about your next unforgettable getaway with Hawaii Towncars, you can browse for more information through our website on hawaiitowncars.com.

You may also speak to our professional associates by calling us at 808-650-5050 (North America) or 833-650-5050 (International). We look forward to serving you the best Hawaiian hospitality!

Frequently Asked Questions

A private Oahu tour costs US$90 to US$250 on average per person. It will usually depend on the size of the private group as well as the tour’s itinerary. Adding more stops to the schedule will increase the price range per person. However, once the schedule is set all prices are charged as a flat rate and there will be no more additional fees. 

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